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2022 US Life Sciences Salary Report

Is your compensation competitive?

In this report, you will find information on:

  • Average salaries, by job title and discipline
  • Average bonuses and equity
  • Comparing earnings by gender
  • Comparing earnings by race
  • Remote work trends 

...plus much more to help you understand how your organization compares. 

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BioSpace Investigates Challenges with Compensation Disparity in the Life Sciences

In November, a record 4.5 million people voluntarily quit their jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. BioSpace investigates how employers are coping with recruitment in a very tight talent market.


Conquering Biopharma's Post-Pandemic Recruitment Challenge

With multiple job openings across the industry, biotech and biopharma employers are having to come up with different strategies to retain top talent. The life sciences sector faces almost a perfect storm of challenges, from a booming industry to “the great resignation” post-pandemic climate and competing with industries that have the capacity to be more flexible in terms of hybrid work.


How to Effectively Manage and Hire Interns

Hiring an intern is a great way to manage your office’s workflow and to give college students or recent graduates an opportunity to learn about your industry and company. Interns can be a great asset to your business, but it’s important to keep in mind that they are still learning the ropes. It's also important to know where to find interns and what qualities to look for when you hire interns.

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Pharvaris’ Annick Deschoolmeester Discusses Recruitment in the Life Sciences

In the ever-evolving world of biotechnology, little remains constant. For Annick Deschoolmeester, head of human resources at Swiss biopharma company Pharvaris, this perpetual drive toward innovation in human health is what keeps her drawn to the sector.

gen z

How to Manage Gen Z Employees in the Life Science Industry

Successfully managing this generation in the life sciences sector will require managers and recruiters to know about their distinctive traits and the factors that set them apart.  

Event Recordings

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Winning Biopharma's Struggle for Talent

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The New Hybrid Workplace: Creating Fair Policies

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The Future of BioPharma: Laying the Groundwork for a Post-Pandemic Workplace

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Fostering Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace