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2021 US Life Sciences Salary Report

The 2021 Salary Report is significant in more ways than one. This year, BioSpace analyzed salary data through two key lenses: the impact of the pandemic, and for the first time, race and ethnicity.

Effects of Covid-19

While earnings in 2020 were undoubtedly impacted by Covid-19 across the world, the biopharma industry was in a unique position as it raced to develop vaccines. How did this impact total earnings for biopharma professionals? How has the industry bounced back?

The Racial Wage Gap

As the pandemic raged on, focus on DEIB and race continued to accelerate. For the first time, the BioSpace Salary Report includes data on salaries by race and ethnicity and the results are significant.

The Gender Gap

Has the Gender Gap shrunk? Widened? As it has in previous years, the report examines progress on pay equity between men and women.